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Introducing the Future of Family Realty

If you're like Scott Boehnlein III and you'd like to join our team, give us a call at 502-640-9666! 

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


Virtual Tour of 708 Braeview Rd - Louisville, KY 40206

708 Braeview Rd. is located in the Braeview subdivision, walking distance to Seneca and Cherokee Park! 

This yard is so peaceful. We love the trees and landscaping!

Fully equipped with a working fountain!

Big windows are a must! 

Another big window in the dining area! 

The current homeowners are a bit of wine coinnoisseur and have these great wine displays as shown above. Just wait 'til you see what's in the basement!

These yellow tiles are very much on-brand for us here at Family Realty! And check out the shower!

Nice, big basement! 

The wine seller! A must for wine-o's!

Palatial Courtyard!

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


Neighborhood Spotlight Jeffersonville, IN

Jeffersonville City Hall in Quatermaster Station. Originally built as a military warehouse in 1874, Quartermaster Station was renovated in 2001 and currently is home to City Hall as well as numerous storefronts and offices. Fun Fact: Fredrick Law Olmstead helped design the original quadrangle in 1874. 

Appropriately named "Jeff", these red stick figures are located on the berm on 10th st, just next to the quadrangle. They are meant to represent the evolution of Jeffersonville; where they started and where they're headed now. 

Jeffersonville is filled with reminders of its past. The marquees and photos of old cityscapes are a proud reminder of its history. The Vintage Fire Museum on Spring St is a great example of a the city's fascination with historical relics (ie firefighting equipment, vehicles, etc) and aesthetically pleasing creativity. 

The North of Court Ave (NOCO) Arts and Cultural District is a must-see for passerbys.


This water tower was painted by mural artist, The Art Cartel. More of their work can be found in the Highlands...can you guess which one? 

Want to play some giant croquet? Unfortunately the giant balls are a little tough to move, but Preservation Park is a great stop for those looking for a little history!

Historical reminder in Preservation Park. 

Flood Walll. 

The light on the other side. 

We made it to the Ohio! 

It is still surreal to walk around these areas knowing that Derby festivities would be in full swing. We are all very much looking forward to those warm evening walks down by the river. 

Kentucky and Indiana's role in the Civil War and Reconstruction era are both shameful and historically significant. Marquees like this remind us how far we've come and also how much we still have to learn. 

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


JUST SOLD ! 124 Heady Ave

Congratulation to Chris Dayton of Family Realty on the sale of 124 Heady Ave in the Richlawn neighborhood! This property sold for $405,000! Be sure to give Chris Dayton a call for any of your real estate needs at 502-295-0838! 

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


NEW LISTING! 2518 Meadow Rd Louisville KY 40205

2518 Meadow Rd is a gorgeous, newly renovated 2 story brick home with an open floor plan and fully renovated kitchen and basement. 

Swing included!

The view from the front door of the home. Thinking about how you'd decorate?

This. Kitchen. Is. Awesome. 

Nothing about this property feels cramped or confined. Plenty of breathing room!

French doors were a great choice!

Love the modern feel of this bathroom.

....and then the master bathroom! Wow!!

Yes, please!

Master bedroom, upstairs. 

A newly-cleaned caro=pet is right up there with a freshly mowed lawn: total eye candy. 

2 car detached garage.

This backyard is something else, y'all. Beautfiful landscaping and a pristine lawn. This place is summer-approved!

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


5410 Rayburn Ave - 3 Bed 1 Full Bath

5410 Rayburn Ave is a beautiful ranch in Valley Station, located in a quiet cul-de-sac. 

Master Bedroom. We love the current homeowner's choice of color!

Kitchen and dining area! Smile

Guest Bedroom. 

Living room. Again, these colors are perfect for staging a home: not over-stimulating and can be complemented easily. 

Fully fenced backyard - check! 

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


142 Hackberry Ln - 3 Br 2 Ba Shepherdsville, KY

142 Hackberry Ln is a move-in ready ranch located in Shepherdsville, KY. With 3 Beds 2 Baths and the perfect backyard for kids and animals, this location is perfect for families living or working in the area. 

This living room/dining area does a great job of opening up the space between the kitchen, master suite and other two bedrooms. 

Creating a cross-breeze in the home can be an essential task for spring cleaning. That's no problem with this property!

Workshop vibes! The current homeowners use this space as a pyrograph(wood-burning) work station. What would you use this space for?

Cozy Kitchen!

Master suite! Turtles not included. 

Plenty of room to stretch out in this big backyard! 

If you or someone you know may be interested in this property give Scott Boehnlein a call at 502-640-9666 and visit our website!

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


Neighborhood Spotlight: St. Matthews

The Burks Family Cemetary is located in the middle of the parking lot between Bed, Bath & beyond and Hobby Lobby off of Breckinridge Ln. Even those who frequent this area often are surprised to find the nearly 170 year old burial plots. The history of this site is fascinating and worth a read. More information can be found here.

Next time you're in the area, see if you can find it!

Ever wonder how long this old bell-tower has been in the area? Not long, actually. Independence Bank constructed this building and opened their doors at the start of 2019. The tower adds a certain kind of nostalgic character to the intersection of Breckinridge and Shelbyville - arguably the heart of St. Matthews and perhaps to the rest of eastern Louisville. 

Even during quarantine, it is tough to find a time of day when this intersection is not buzzing with traffic. 

Roundabouts like these were placed on Nanz Ave to ease the traffic coming between Breckinridge Ln and Cannon's Ln. and to offer relief to bikers not wanting to risk riding on Wllis Ave where there are no sidewalks or stop signs. 

Beautiful architecture and a gorgeously-maintained campus, St. Matthews Baptist Church has long been a staple of the area. Regardless of denomination the sanctuary and chapel are a real treat to visit for visuals alone. 

And here we are! Seneca Park. While it may not technically be within St. Matthews City limits, Seneca Park provides the recereational space we are all in desperate need of nowadays. Hopefully you enjoyed your walk today with Family Realty!

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


Gov. Beshear Memes Bring Kentuckians Together

Few things have brought Kentuckians together more than the outpouring love and support for our level-headed governor in these uncertain times. Almost better than the 5pm "Beers with Beshear" Kentuckians have created hundreds of memes advocating for the governor.  We decided to compile a list of our favorites!

These cookies were created by Facebook user Taylor VanMeter. Is it fair to say that our our governor is looking like a total snack?

Come on, Slim. You know better. 

From Facebook

Settle down, Hank. This country boy just wants you to survive. 

Who can name this movie?

Let's cut the face-touching, folks!

Kentucky's dogs are seeing an unprecedented amount of walks and pets. Please give them the rest they're used to!

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


Neighborhood Spotlight: Clifton

For many of us going on a stroll in the neighborhood has become a daily activity. Whether its walking down the street to the local grocery store or just taking a leisurely tour to get out of the house, the nice Louisville weather has been hard to pass up. That’s why we figured we would take you along with us while we visit one of our favorite Louisville neighborhoods: Clifton!


The Clifton neighborhood stretches from N Ewing Ave. to lower Brownsboro and Mellewood Ave just east of Downtown Louisville. 

Restaurants and boutiques have been filling this area for the past few decades, revitalizing parts that were previously dilapidated and attracting local artists. Murals like these can be found all over the neighboorhood. 

J. Gumbo's has been a staple of the neigborhood for over ten years. Support your local restaurants by ordering carryout or delivery!

Residents of Payne St. put out a "sharing basket" for passerbys to collect/replenish if they'd like. This house in particular creates displays like these for Hallowee, Valentine's Day, etc!

Vernon Ave has an amazing mix of architecture. 

Sign at the top of the chicken steps at the end of Vernon Ave. A great message for current times. 

The view from atop the chicken steps really reminds you why this area is called Clifton. Carved from quarries that were active up until the late 1800s, the steep cliffs can sometimes be tough to notice when the spring foliage begins to fill in. Originally wooden and used for local resident's chickens, these narrow steps were renovated in 1972 and have since been a great gateway between lower Brownsboro Rd and Frankfort Ave. 

"Doesn't the train bother you?" Is one of the most frequently asked questions for Clifton residents. Luckily Clifton is a "quiet zone" for train horns, creating a need for signs like these signalling to pedestrians on footpaths to watch for trains. As for the trains themselves being a nuisance? "Ya just get used to it" locals will say. 

Community chalk?

Some more positive messages being displayed at Dharma Meghah Yoga Shala  at the corner of Payne and S. Clifton. 

Normally we don't suggest taking pictures on the train tracks but this was a pedestrian walkway, we swear!

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


Easter Egg Design Contest! Win $25 Graeter's Gift Card!

Do you and your kids need something to do? We've got just the thing for you! Family Realty is hosting an Easter Egg design contest and the winner gets a $25 gift card to Graeter's Ice Cream! See the contest rules below!


1. Like our Family Realty Facebook and/or Instagram Page.

2. Print off/download an egg!

3. Create your own egg design. Get creative!

4. Share your creation on your social media pages and tag family realty!

The Winner will be announced the Monday after Easter!

Here are some of our creations!




We're Representing the Buyers of These 10 Homes!

1. 15003 Bircham Rd. 

2. 5307 High Crest Dr. 

3. 412 Harris Pl.

4. 3404 Cross Pointe Rd. 

5. 12805 Dove Lake Dr. 

6. 1601 Spring Dr. #10

7. 3810 Cressington Pl

8. 631 Merwin Ave

9. 20821 Douglass Blvd. #5

10. 3908 Brookfield Ave. 


A Look Back At Family's New Build

Pouring concrete new building

On February 19, 2019 our crews began pouring the foundation at our new building in St. Matthews. Located near one of the busiest intersections in the area, people began talking about the new build in the neighborhood...

Owner Scott Bohenlein was out in the cold, directing traffic and providing assistance/ with the crews!

By June we had a (mostly) complete frame. Things were really starting to take shape. Heavy rains in the begginning of summer gave our wooden frame a run for its money, but our crew's ability prevailed!

Our team has been anxiously anticipating the construction of our new office building. Now that it is complete we have been compiling all of the footage/pictures from the building process. Stay tuned for the "Behind the Scenes" video!

The main conference room in the lobby bathes in natural light all day, which is why we decided to close off this space with clear glass panels and sliding glass doors. a

The final product! 


Family Realty Offering Free Virtual Home Tours!

     Recently businesses have been adapting their structures to accomodate those of us who are working from home. Family Realty is no exception.
    We are launching free virtual home tours for buyers/sellers and we are also offering free video consultations dealing with any of your real estate needs! If you’ve been on the fence about listing your property, going on home tours or have questions about your own standing in the real estate market, we are here to help you.
    Our services will be available via Zoom, Google Duo and FaceTime! If you’d like to set up a time to chat and would like to set up a virtual tour - give us a call at 502-458-4100!


Family's New Home at 138 Wiltshire Ave

After more than two years of scouting locations, working with contractors and working with the city to get everything right, we at Family Realty are happy to announce our official occupancy at 138 Wiltshire Ave!

"It has been a long time coming and we are thrilled to finally be able to fill the desks here", said Scott Boehnlein, principal broker of Family

The new space offers a refreshingly modern take on the offices that have occupied this St. Matthews block. Utilizing the open floor plan, Family's new location gives its agents a communal place to share ideas as well as giving clients an intimate, but open place for discussing business.

If you or someone you know is looking to purchase/sell your property, give Family Realty a call or feel free to stop by our new office at the corner of Wiltshire Ave. and Willis Ave. in St. Matthews. You can also check us out at!


Agent Sam Heine Interviews Ben Botkins

As a part of his biweekly interview series Street Talk, Family Realty’s own Sam Heine sits down(or in this case, stands up) with Ben Botkins, owner of Parkside Bike/Bed and Bike/local real estate developer to discuss his new plans to revitalize Bardstown Road in the Highlands.

“I used to sit just straight through there and I would just stare at these buildings.”...”I’d think those are two of the coolest buildings and this whole corridor - why are they just sitting here dying? Like how is this possible?”

“I assumed someone had cool plans for them. And it turns out no one did."

1300-1306 Bardstown is home to a former police headquarters, the Louisville ballet and a Bellsouth switching center. photo by Nick Beckman

“This was number one on our list”

Botkins plan is to create a boutique hospitality experience in the 1300-1306 block of bardstown road - the former Louisville Ballet building, Louisville Police Station and Bellsouth switching center. 

In response to those weary of new developers in the highlands, Botkins says there’s no need for worry. “This is a reactivation of amazing buildings that are worthy of a proper restoration.”

Botkins mentions in the interview a vision of the Bardstown corridor which will eventually stretch from the highlands to NuLu. “I cool - it just seems destined for that.”

Watch the full interview here.  



Visit Your New Home at 4512 Deepwood Drive

Make 4512 Deepwood Drive your new home!  Call agent Chris Dayton of Family Realty at 502.295.0838 to schedule your viewing appointment today!

This traditional 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home features hardwood floors, stunning woodwork, and neutral paint throughout.  

The renovated eat in kitchen showcases gorgeous cabinetry and counter tops with stainless steel appliances.  

Family room features built in bookshelves around the fireplace.  Imagine curling up with a good book in front of this fireplace this fall!  

A formal living room, dining room, and half bath complete the first floor.  

The second floor is home to the spacious master bedroom with en suite bath and walk in closet. 

Three additional bedrooms and a large bath with dual sink vanity round out the second floor.

The basement is a walkout that opens to the patio and fenced in yard.  There is also a large deck.  This is a great backyard for all of your entertaining needs!

For more pictures and details, click HERE.


Check Out These Two Open Houses on Sunday!

Need something to do this weekend?  Check out not one but TWO Family Realty Open Houses!  Both homes open Sunday, August 18 from 2-4PM.

Visit broker Scott Boehnlein at 1400 Northwind Rd - a spectacular 4 bed, 3.5 bath, open floor plan home located in the subdivision of Indian Hills. 

Kitchen features granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, and a breakfast nook. 

Main level has 2 bedrooms, large full bath, half bath, and laundry.  Master suite is located on 2nd floor, featuring his and her walk in closets, large bath with whirlpool tub and separate shower. 

Lower level is a walkout that inclues a great room with fireplace.  Lower level opens to the back patio, where you will find a park like setting with plenty of privacy and wildlife.    

6301 Crest Creek will be held open by agent Christopher Boehnlein.  Located in Woodstone Subdivision, this fabulous 5 bed, 4.5 bath is a contemporary style walkout designed by Carroll Lurding.

Features inlcude custom built-ins in almost every room, lots of natural light from the extensive windows, and amazing views from the great room.  

The amazing kitchen includes extensive cabinetry, large island & upgraded appliances.

First floor master suite is spectacular with vaulted ceiling, sitting room, upgraded full bath & massive custom organized walk-in closet.   Second floor includes a bedroom suite, 2 additional bedrooms & full bath & an open loft area.

Walkout basement is partially finished with open great room/rec area with wet bar, an additional bedroom, full bath and tons of storage area. . Backyard is very private and is fully fenced with a multi-level deck overlooking a heavily wooded area with nature trails to be explored.

Click on the addresses above to see more pictures and details for each home, or click here to search the addresses on the Family Realty website.  Don't miss your opportunity to see these two fantastic homes this weekend!


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